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Lemon for Hair ?

I know what you are thinking, using lemon on your hair? Isn't this used for cooking and drinking? Well you'll be surprise that lemon has several different uses in this world, but i'm only going to discuss one specific one (Hair). Did you you know that the acid in the lemon we eat is so high in acid that it can be used to remove buildup on our hair strands?Yes..

A lemon treatment can help remove product buildup from your hair and add a brilliant shine. To make, combine the juice from 1 large lemon with about 1 tablespoonful of conditioner. To use, first rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Second, wash your scalp (preferably with conditioner). Third, pour the lemon treatment over your head and distribute throughout your hair. Fourth, rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly with water and then condition and style as usual. A lemon treatment is a healthy and natural way to moisturize, cleanse, and clarify and can be used whenever your hair looks dry and dull.

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