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The Runway 2 - Produced by Young Head Beats
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World profound hair artist - LeAna Mcknight has great understanding for hair, no matter the hair type curly hair or straight hair., L'eAna sure has a look that will touch the people. Lee  specializes in clean and natural flowing looks, natural hair, and wig styling for TV, print, advertising, video, commercial and celebrities.With 12 wonderful years of experience, Lee has a heart for conservative hair styles and elegant pin ups. She is an established stylist that specializes in Haircuts, Body Curls, Wig styling, Hair extension, Clean looks and many more. Specializing in healthy hair care and extension styling for females and males, hair grooming for men. Experienced in African-American hair, textured hair, curly hair, hair cutting, and wig styling for TV and film. 

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